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Minutes: Coastal Adhoc Committee

Next Meetings:
Coastal Adhoc: 2 October 4pm Zoom
Full MCCAAC: 16 October 3-5pm

Coastal AdHoc Meeting : 2 September 2020

attending: Supervisors Gjerde & Williams, Marie, Michael, Jenn (55 minute Zoom)

The purpose of the meeting: to make a plan for getting the most effective elements before the Board. Despite a nudge, the inland McCAAC appear to be reluctant to request one of their supervisors to set up a meeting. This meeting was called at Supervisor Williams' suggestion.

Marie has been in touch with Coastal Commission on the idea of a blanket CDP for energy improvements. She has submitted an an implementation plan with tasks identified for elements 4 and 6 of the First Recommendations (which see).

From the Supervisorial perspective, the goal is to get some support from County Staff. Supervisor Gjerde suggests a meeting with him, Supervisor Williams, and heads of key departments. Those discussed: Planning and Building for the blanket CDP for energy improvements and rational building regulations, and General Services for a protocol for buying to reduce emissions. We also need to arrange for meetings with other agencies outside the County, specifically Calfire and Forestry (and now is not the time.) A lack of analytical capacity in certain County departments was noted, for example a recent evaluation of electric vehicles that compared their efficiency with the US Nationa Electrical GHG profile (including eastern and southwestern coal-generated electricity.)

Supervisor Williams noted that there was a problem with plans for the Fort Bragg essential services microgrid. The Hospital Board has identified a five acre plot for PVs, but the consumption of energy for the hospital is staggering. He wonders if elements of MCCAAC would be able to help.

It was generally agreed that the First Recommendations should withdraw the element that alludes to a public bank. This is being pursued by bigger entities (Oakland, San Francisco) and Humboldt County is exploring joining with them; we should too. Supervisor Gjerde noted that the policies of the banks used by the County were reviewed for appropriateness annually. The revised First Recommendations have been posted in the usual place.

Coastal AdHoc Meeting : 18 August 2020

attending: Tess, Patrick, Marie, Michael (65 minute Zoom)
  • Tess reported that she followed up her last assignment by researching the study performed by Category Five on fire danger and evacuation planning. “Brooktrails Brooktrails all the time,” she said, but the Pygmy was included. She attempted to impress on the Cat5 consultant that “We need to plan for the people who are going to die because they bought way back in the bush, where the land was cheap.” She felt that he heard her. There is apparently a risk map, and she'll attempt to get the URL.
  • We reflected on the shrinkage of the McCAAC group, not unexpected, according to Marie and Tess. For example, Patrick is considering resignation in the face of increased personal responsibility and a need to focus. “I can't do 10%,” said Patrick.
  • We looked at Humboldt County's 128 respondent questionnaire that attempted to prioritize citizen concerns about climate change, buried in their online presence here. Marie pointed out that if we were to do such a questionnaire, we'd get better response. Michael noted that this was a way to encourage citizen buy-in.
  • Following that notion, Marie suggested we stop thinking about our audience as being ‘just the supervisors’ and consider taking our goals to business leaders, like the B-corp businesses in the County.
  • Take whatever steps are necessary to get the First Recommendations on the Supervisorial Radar -- Michael will pursue
  • Begion preparation of a McCAAC work plan, for presentation and possible adoption at our full meeting in September. For our next meeting, each of us bring one or more items for that plan. Items should be stated as goals with a desired completion date.

After the meeting, a fortuitous call to Michael fromSupervisor Gjerde launched the suggestion that we meet via Zoom with Supervisors Gjerde and Williams to review the First Recommendations and prepare a pathway to getting them on the Supervisor's Agenda, provisionally scheduled for 2 September at 11:00am.

Coastal AdHoc Meeting : 4 August 2020

attending: Marie, Michael, Shai, Jen (50 minute Zoom)
Action Items
  • Tess: Map of at-risk oak woodland and pygmy as background for 1st Recommendations
  • Marie: Check on CA Coastal Commission report on sea level rise for Mendocino County
  • Michael & Jen: Website homepage with more appealing public interface
  • All: Read the Chico Green New Deal
  • Shai: Forward climate speaker and activist connections
  • Jen: Forward climate action plan from Sonoma Marin; Continue work on School resolutions; Send school climate resolution info to Michael for website
Going forward: Green New Deal

Develop Green New Deal Mendocino County proposal for BOS with some “shovel ready” projects so we can be ready to take advantage of resources for climate work (Federal funds, Americorps?)

Baseline work

Continuing, Check out the website:

Youth Education/Outreach
  • Potential Groups to work with
    • Al Gore climate reality (Shai)
    • Climate reality training core
    • Sunrise activists
    • Colorful Monarchs
    • Girl Scouts
    • Boy Scouts
  • Potential curriculum/projects
    • Tree Planting
    • Speakers/Activists in Schools
    • Zoom Curriculum for teachers/schools
    • Library Curriculum for teachers/schools
    • County Board of Education Resolution

Coastal AdHoc Meeting : 21 July 2020

attending: Marie, Tess, Michael, Shai, Jen (1 hour Zoom)
  • Okay to get a domain on our own
    • issues with County desire to approve
    • we have a clerk in planning
  • Facebook is necessity
    • Problem with Trolls
    • Settings
  • Framework for a Google-type site: Jen
  • Ready to pass the First Recommendations to our Supes
  • Start thinking about the Second Recommendations
    • vehicle fleet
    • Jen: What does a green economy in Mendo Cty look like?
    • Shai: take a look at the Chico Green New Deal
    • Shovel-ready projects
      • Coastal Trail got done because it was shovel-ready in 2008
    • Proactive anticipation of a Greener presidency

Coastal AdHoc Meeting : 1 May 2020 with Supervisors Gjerde & Williams

Coastal AdHoc Meeting : 24 April 2020

  • Michael missed the meeting; no notes yet

Coastal AdHoc Meeting : 12 March 2020

attending: Marie, Tess, Michael, Shai, Jen (1 hour Zoom)
  • Reviewed and prioritized elements of the First recommendations in preparation for the full MCCAAC meeting on 16 March
  • Planned presentation at upcoming full meeting

Coastal AdHoc Meeting : 28 February 2020

attending: Marie, Tess, Michael, Jen, Patrick
  • (Marie) Coastal Workshop early April being planned
  • (Marie / Shai) what other rural CA counties: no results yet
  • (Michael) Low Hanging Fruit needs refinement and supporting documentation
    • (Marie) Build & Buy, EV Charging elements
    • (Tess / Jen) Wildfire Safety, Habitat Protection
    • (Shai) Resiliency links
    • (Michael) Energy Security
  • (Tess / Jen) Controlled burn initiative
  • (Patrick / Jen) Recognition of Global Climate Crisis

Coastal AdHoc Meeting : 10 January 2020

attending: Marie, Shai, Tess, Michael, Jen
  • (Shai / Marie) Developing a list of initiatives from other rural CA counties
  • (Michael) Develop a list of low hanging fruit for for us to work on
  • (Tess / Jen) Controlled burn initiative
  • (Jen) County locations for remote / virtual meetings
  • (Marie, Tess, Jen) March Coastal Workshop / April AV Workshop
  • (Michael / Shai) Low-hanging Fruit broadside initiative

“My definition of an expert in any field is a person who knows enough about what's really going on to be scared.”
– P. J. Plauger

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